Life After Detox

There are only two things that can happen after completing a detox:
1. You have used the “detox” time to adopt a cleaner, greener lifestyle. Your eating habits have changed. You have started eliminating over processed food, artificial sweeteners and chemical laden foods from your diet permanently.
2. You immediately revert back to old habits. Fast foods are old friends you welcome back with open arms (and mouths). Sodas once again find their way to the refridgerator shelf.
Life is an accumlation of choice.
Detoxes are time consuming and difficult for some to complete.They take real effort. When you made the choice to do the detox, there was a reason you chose to do it.
If you reverted back to choice #2, you have just wasted a portion of your life for nothing. You detoxed your body and had the choice to have renewed health but somewhere along the journey , you lost focus.You have decided it was to difficult, not fun, not worth the effort ???
After completing the detox you have a body that is primed and ready for a healthier lifestyle. One without devastating health issues. No doubt that your body is better off than before you began, but your choices from now on out determine if you will continue to be healthy or if it will have simply been “spot cleaning” If you go right back to your old habits and ways of eating, the process of overeating and consuming toxins will start all over.
Making changes in the way you eat and live take tremendous effort. Soon the effort becomes automatic.
If you don’t feel strong enough to make the necessary changes, at least realize that you made the choice and the results are in your hands, Good or Bad!