Be Your Own Support System

Be Your Own Support System
There are few things as valuable in life as a solid support network. In good times or bad, a support network gives you a feeling of stability and a safety net. A support network takes dedication and a lifetime to build.
Sometimes, you’ve done everything you can. You’ve loved your family and friends when they have been unlovable. You’ve defended them and fought for them when you know they would not do the same for you. You can play the role assigned to you. Your role can be that of the strong, level headed one,the light hearted clown that kept the going,or the golden child of the family that excelled in everything they touched.
Stepping out of your role will cause confusion and maybe distrust within your support system. Why wouldn’t it? Now where do they stand?? Now they have to fill the role that you vacated.
We don’t have to fit into other people’s ideals. Yes, it would be amazing to share your dreams and goals with friends and family but for many that maybe a risky move. When you have tried sharing dreams and goals with those you assume will support you and what comes back is suspicion and criticism all you can do is move on.
Don’t make the assumption that just because they’re family that you will have their support . It may be time to give yourself what others are not able to give you.

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