Do you think that detoxing has to be difficult and painful? Sometimes it is ! People will take detox supplements, pills or extracts, and within a hours they have symptoms of diarrhea, chills, or vomiting. Symptoms are mild but can be severe at times. Many people assume that this process is just a necessary part of detoxing.”No pain, no gain” Don’t believe that old “healing crisis” bunk.
If you feel a serious detox is called for in your case, consult a Physician who is schooled in the process. It is sometimes difficult to find one, but they are out there, just keep searching. Don’t just “fly by the seat of your pants” (no pun intended) when it comes to an aggressive detox.
Detox 101.
Your liver dumps toxins into your small intestine. Your liver filters toxins out of your blood. These toxins are chemcals, pharmaceutical drugs (the reason you physician will routinely have your liver tested for damage when you are on some medication), heavy metals.Your liver then dumps these toxins into your upper intestinal where it mixes with bile. This puts these toxins into your digestive system where they are reabsorbed through intestinal walls. (sick again).Here is where your friend, Mr. Kidney,comes in. Your kidneys also remove toxins and flush them out of your body through the urine.
In a proper detox, one that includes eating a holistic, whole-food diet at the same time your liver is dumping toxins into your GI tract, then food fibers will trap those toxins and shuttle them out of your body through bowel movements.
If you just go on a “juice fast” , one that has no fiber content,your body will just reintroduce the toxins into your gut , the intestinal walls and your blood. (Train wreck)
If you experience extreme diarrhea during a detox, “get off the train”. Feeling seriously ill is NOT a part of the healing process.Diarrhea is not a sign of good health, and eliminating toxins doesn’t have to involve suffering, dehydration or cramping. It is quite possible to “detox” with an everyday diet, That is if your everyday diet includes whole raw nutrient packed foods.

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