When someone who says they are lactose intolerant, are they really lactose intolerant, or is it because they don’t have other things in their immune system or specifically digestive flora to help break down that lactate.
If you’ve experienced something acute, like an allergic reaction, seek medical advice and make sure you get taken care of.
With that said , let’s look at some of the benefits/side effects of Kombucha. Not all side effects are bad. When starting Kombucha you can go through something called a cleansing crisis. Lots of times this happens when you do a cleanse, or when you give up something,like when someone gives up caffeine after drinking cups of coffee a day for years. When they suddenly stops drinking coffee,they may have massive headaches because the body is so used to that caffeine that when it starts to cleanse and readjust itself. Kombucha tea can relieve some of those symptoms and retrain the body to a healthier lifestyle.When the body regains its proper pH balance it can benefit with issues such as skin conditions, lactose intolerance,joint pain,constipation etc. without the need for outside intervention. fizzy kom


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