Be Your Own Support System

Be Your Own Support System
There are few things as valuable in life as a solid support network. In good times or bad, a support network gives you a feeling of stability and a safety net. A support network takes dedication and a lifetime to build.
Sometimes, you’ve done everything you can. You’ve loved your family and friends when they have been unlovable. You’ve defended them and fought for them when you know they would not do the same for you. You can play the role assigned to you. Your role can be that of the strong, level headed one,the light hearted clown that kept the going,or the golden child of the family that excelled in everything they touched.
Stepping out of your role will cause confusion and maybe distrust within your support system. Why wouldn’t it? Now where do they stand?? Now they have to fill the role that you vacated.
We don’t have to fit into other people’s ideals. Yes, it would be amazing to share your dreams and goals with friends and family but for many that maybe a risky move. When you have tried sharing dreams and goals with those you assume will support you and what comes back is suspicion and criticism all you can do is move on.
Don’t make the assumption that just because they’re family that you will have their support . It may be time to give yourself what others are not able to give you.


Do you think that detoxing has to be difficult and painful? Sometimes it is ! People will take detox supplements, pills or extracts, and within a hours they have symptoms of diarrhea, chills, or vomiting. Symptoms are mild but can be severe at times. Many people assume that this process is just a necessary part of detoxing.”No pain, no gain” Don’t believe that old “healing crisis” bunk.
If you feel a serious detox is called for in your case, consult a Physician who is schooled in the process. It is sometimes difficult to find one, but they are out there, just keep searching. Don’t just “fly by the seat of your pants” (no pun intended) when it comes to an aggressive detox.
Detox 101.
Your liver dumps toxins into your small intestine. Your liver filters toxins out of your blood. These toxins are chemcals, pharmaceutical drugs (the reason you physician will routinely have your liver tested for damage when you are on some medication), heavy metals.Your liver then dumps these toxins into your upper intestinal where it mixes with bile. This puts these toxins into your digestive system where they are reabsorbed through intestinal walls. (sick again).Here is where your friend, Mr. Kidney,comes in. Your kidneys also remove toxins and flush them out of your body through the urine.
In a proper detox, one that includes eating a holistic, whole-food diet at the same time your liver is dumping toxins into your GI tract, then food fibers will trap those toxins and shuttle them out of your body through bowel movements.
If you just go on a “juice fast” , one that has no fiber content,your body will just reintroduce the toxins into your gut , the intestinal walls and your blood. (Train wreck)
If you experience extreme diarrhea during a detox, “get off the train”. Feeling seriously ill is NOT a part of the healing process.Diarrhea is not a sign of good health, and eliminating toxins doesn’t have to involve suffering, dehydration or cramping. It is quite possible to “detox” with an everyday diet, That is if your everyday diet includes whole raw nutrient packed foods.

Life After Detox

There are only two things that can happen after completing a detox:
1. You have used the “detox” time to adopt a cleaner, greener lifestyle. Your eating habits have changed. You have started eliminating over processed food, artificial sweeteners and chemical laden foods from your diet permanently.
2. You immediately revert back to old habits. Fast foods are old friends you welcome back with open arms (and mouths). Sodas once again find their way to the refridgerator shelf.
Life is an accumlation of choice.
Detoxes are time consuming and difficult for some to complete.They take real effort. When you made the choice to do the detox, there was a reason you chose to do it.
If you reverted back to choice #2, you have just wasted a portion of your life for nothing. You detoxed your body and had the choice to have renewed health but somewhere along the journey , you lost focus.You have decided it was to difficult, not fun, not worth the effort ???
After completing the detox you have a body that is primed and ready for a healthier lifestyle. One without devastating health issues. No doubt that your body is better off than before you began, but your choices from now on out determine if you will continue to be healthy or if it will have simply been “spot cleaning” If you go right back to your old habits and ways of eating, the process of overeating and consuming toxins will start all over.
Making changes in the way you eat and live take tremendous effort. Soon the effort becomes automatic.
If you don’t feel strong enough to make the necessary changes, at least realize that you made the choice and the results are in your hands, Good or Bad!

You Hold The Key

Our future health history will be determined by what people are willing to do for themselves. Everyone must be willing to accept that they themselves hold the key to their own health.You can either succeed or you can fail.Most people know what to do, they just fail to follow through. They seem to be playing Russian Roulette with their own health. Spin the cylinder and hope to dodge the bullet.
Diseases are not as complex as they appear to be. All diseases are the result of cells that have “malfunctioned”.
Trying to attack diseases as if there are thousands of them instead of viewing them as a single issue just causes us to chase the tail of that rabid dog. Look at disease as one single cause and you have the opportunity to get control of it. Now you can get to the core of the problem instead of just treating the symptoms. We have had that knee jerk reaction for much to long.
There are only two causes of disease: deficiency or toxicity. Any cell that lacks what it needs or is exposed to something toxic will malfunction. If cells are not deficient and are not exposed to toxins , there is no disease. Almost all Americans are loaded with toxins and are severely deficient in some nutrients. 100 years ago the percentage of the population effected be Cancer was only 3% . Today, 50 % of our population will get cancer at some point in their life. If that doesn’t scare you I don’t know what will. We have the knowledge to end this.
Prevention is our most important tool. One of the common denominator of all disease is our unbalanced cellular pH. Normal cellular pH is 7.4 If your cells become too acidic or too alkaline health issues will result. Cancer is commonly a disease of too much acidity.


When you go through life always remember you have the choice to join forces with others. You may find that their ideas are better than your own ideas. Find and align yourself with those who inspire you. Be a sponge and absorb as much as you can.
Like minded people will not be offended and in fact will view it as a compliment.
We are not in Jr. High anymore. Copying is OKAY.copying_answer

Deal With It

Problems are always with us. Best to just get on with the plan. Don’t allow that problem, person, drama or situation to consume you. It is not cold hearted nor selfish. It is merely living a good fulfilling positive life.
Problems and negativity will always be around.There is no way to avoid it.How you deal with it is a personal choice.
You can relive it, discuss it, cry about it, share with every one you know everyday all day long, but that will not make it go away. Nor will it help you to deal with it.
Many times this approach will mire you down in a cardsblack hole. Very few, if any one will climb down there with you.
They are not being critical, they just choose to approach the situation differently


Live each day with gusto. Be bold. Be fearless. People are always going to look at you , so give them something amazing to look at. Point your nose upwards, you won’t drown, I promise. Everyone is great at something. Find what your great issunrise and tell the world. Don’t be ashamed of the pride you have inside. Being unique is a good thing REALLY ! Start getting up early if you don’t already. You are wasting time you could be being happy. No one is being happy ASLEEP, you are simply asleep.


When someone who says they are lactose intolerant, are they really lactose intolerant, or is it because they don’t have other things in their immune system or specifically digestive flora to help break down that lactate.
If you’ve experienced something acute, like an allergic reaction, seek medical advice and make sure you get taken care of.
With that said , let’s look at some of the benefits/side effects of Kombucha. Not all side effects are bad. When starting Kombucha you can go through something called a cleansing crisis. Lots of times this happens when you do a cleanse, or when you give up something,like when someone gives up caffeine after drinking cups of coffee a day for years. When they suddenly stops drinking coffee,they may have massive headaches because the body is so used to that caffeine that when it starts to cleanse and readjust itself. Kombucha tea can relieve some of those symptoms and retrain the body to a healthier lifestyle.When the body regains its proper pH balance it can benefit with issues such as skin conditions, lactose intolerance,joint pain,constipation etc. without the need for outside intervention. fizzy kom


Success opens up many doors and can change your life, but sometimes the fear of failure can be overwhelming. Many people actually fear success more than failure because success means they will have to keep up a continued effort that subconsciously doubt they can do.That may be to much on “the plate” of someone who lacks self confidence.
Never attaining is not failure, never trying IS.
90 % of the fun in becoming successful is in the journey. Knowing that it will happen brings about a sense of confidence that is almost infectious. What to catch it ??success